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Anyone can create a new page or edit an existing one. You just need to log-in in the upper right hand corner. Once you are logged in, follow the following steps to create your own chart.

Step One

Type the name of the page you want to create after the "w/" in the status bar above. For example, to create this page I typed www.govsm.com/w/Editing to create the Editing page. It will take you to a blank page. Click the tab on the top of the page called "create". You will now be editing your page.

Step Two

Enter whatever introductory text you wish. There is no wiki formatting or html code necessary here.

Step Three

To begin the table, paste the following code:

{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
!class="unsortable" | # !! class="unsortable" | First !! Last !! Party !! State/District !! Facebook !! Twitter !! Youtube !! RSS!! Flickr !! Other

If you are adding agencies or any non-partisan office, remove the "First", "Party", and "State" columns and the dividing exclamation marks.

Step Four

To add the actual rows of data to your table, paste the following 2 lines of code as many times as necessary for every row of data you want:

| class="fixedcount"| 1 || F || L || Party || State/District || F || T || Y || R ||K ||<span style="display:none">Z</span>

Make sure to change the # between "fixedcount" and "First"

Step Five

After the final row of data, paste the following code:


Congratulations, the table is now complete.

Step Six

Entering data inside the table:

  • Democrats should be labeled by: bgcolor=#4169E1| D, and Republicans by: bgcolor=#CD5C5C| R.
  • All links must be placed inside brackets, like this: [http://twitter.com/govsm].
  • When adding the icon to the link, make sure the code is surrounded by double brackets [[ ]]. The code is [[File:twitter.png|link=http://twitter.com/govsm]] where you replace the png name with the appropriate social media name.

Step Seven

You're done!

Questions about editing? email me [josh@govsm.com]

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