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My name is Josh Shpayher @joshs and GovSM is a hobby project of mine that grew out of some conversations I had with some like minded political and tech enthusiasts in the fall of 2009 regarding what were the "best social media practices" of Congress. A point that was repreatedly noted was that in order to know who was doing the "best" it would be necessary to determine who was using social media, if at all, and that turned into a long project that I have finally put together here.

In the near future, I will be rolling out a Governors page as well as a few pages that deal with campaigns. Right now, all the links should be exclusively Congressional office or personal accounts. For example, a campaign twitter feed was not included.

Special thanks to @zevbrokeit for initial web support, @sethjacobson for helping with a bit of data gathering, and @NeoArchitect4 for the graphic design.

I love feedback, keep it coming!


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