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Welcome to the Government & Social Media Wiki

Hi, my name is Josh Shpayher and this website I created helps elected officials and their staffs from the Hill and around the country and the world, the media, and the public at large track who in government uses which forms of Social Media. Keep checking back as I will be constantly adding new offices of federal, state and local government, campaigns, and government agencies.

For the most up to date information on Social Media and Government, Gov 2.0, Open Government and lots of politics & tech, please follow me on twitter @govsm. You can also see updates on the GovSM Facebook page or Google+ page. The Government and Social Media blog can be found here. Check there for regular page announcements as well as other government and social media news and info.

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2016 Presidential Campaigns

First Last Party Facebook Twitter Videos Photos Other
Hillary Clinton D Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png
Lincoln Chafee D Facebook.png Twitter.png Instagram.png
Martin O'Malley D Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Instagram.png
Bernie Sanders D Facebook.png Twitter.png
Jeb Bush R Facebook.png Twitter.png
Ben Carson R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Instagram.png
Chris Christie R Twitter.png
Ted Cruz R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png
Carly Fiorina R Facebook.png Twitter.png
Lindsay Graham R Facebook.png Twitter.png Instagram.png
Mike Huckabee R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Instagram.png Googleplus.png
Bobby Jindal R
John Kasich R
Rand Paul R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Googleplus.png
Geroge Pataki R Facebook.png Twitter.png
Rick Perry R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Instagram.png
Marco Rubio R Facebook.png Twitter.png Youtube.png Instagram.pngTumblr.pngPinterest.png Googleplus.png
Rick Santorum R Facebook.png Twitter.png Instagram.png
Donald Trump R
Scott Walker R

Everything Else

Click the following links to see sortable tables of different branches of Government and what forms of social media are used around the country.

Federal Government

State and Local Government

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